Joie de vivre

Let go of the past, engage with the present & believe in the future.

Some people feel like they don’t deserve love. They walk away quietly into empty spaces, trying to close the gaps of the past.

—Jon Krakauer, Into The Wild

Good luck Chuck.

#24march #23rdbirthday #2am #gmaxswingsg Love everyone of you and my girls for sitting on the swing with me! @aeinrizal @fazlinarodrigues @babeyanie @mingji88 @deviltaker @wertdeviruz @fynes

#24march #23rdbirthday #2am #gmaxswingsg Love everyone of you and my girls for sitting on the swing with me! @aeinrizal @fazlinarodrigues @babeyanie @mingji88 @deviltaker @wertdeviruz @fynes


So my 23rd birthday was awesome (minus the mini couple drama) all in all. Met my family and friends at 10.30pm at Cash Studios. Sang our heart out! The skull cake came in a wee bit early before midnight. Lol moment, but everyone sang me a birthday song anyway. So paiseh ok. Halfway singing, Liyana came! Halfway singing, Aein / Rizal and Ming Keat left too. The singing continued till 1.55am. So the smokers were all smoking. Mummy was like hurry up and smoke and I was like, ‘huh? Why the hurry?’ The next thing I knew, I saw Aein and she don-ed her handmade tutu on me and zappp I was blindfolded. Eveything happened so fast, I started crying cause I hate being blindfolded. Really. Got in the car. I can only hear voices. Some voices were missing. All I know was that my cousin, Liyana and Aein were with me. Got out, parade cum embarrased myself in the crowd. When they told me to climed up the steps, I knew right there what I’m about to get myself into. Fucking GMAX. Bam! I was right. This time round was the swing. I begged and cried telling them I want to get down the steps and please open my blindfold. They grant me my command. Fuck no am I going to ride that fucking swing all by myself. Yanie, Aein, Liyana and Fazlina agreed to sit on the mega swing with me! I was so elated but too scared at the same time. I was still crying, mind you. Sat, pull & swing! Only the video can describe how we all felt. After that we girls turned mum. Sat in the car like a vege. Went our separate ways and bid our goodbyes. I’m very thankful for that night and those who made it happen. I love each and everyone of you, be it you’re there or not.

PS // Reached home and hello Mohd Hafiz. Another story unfolds.